Our Business Philosophy

The pure essence motto is "solutions from nature" We strive for excellence in our products from the excellence of pure nature. Our extensive research and ongoing product developement is influenced by our customer input and we value our world wide customer feedback.We love to hear from you with your comments your suggestions and your support

Our Company

The Psoriasis Centre is a division of I R NATURECARE and its affiliate Pure Essence.We have been manufacturing and distributing natural healthcare products since 1981. We manufacture all our products inhouse and distribute our products world wide from our own base in New Zealand. Compromise is not a word in our Company . We make specific products for specific skin conditions. Whilst our core business is in the treatment of psoriasis we have wide experience in developing and providing products for eczema, dermatitis,and headlice conditions.We also manufacture products for pets and their skin conditions.


NATURALLY PURE for psoriasis conditions

NATURA-DERM for exzema amd dermatitis

LICEAWAY for headlice and lice conditions

LAMINA for petcare skin conditions

Our Employees

A business is only as good as the people who work for it. Our staff are experts in their field. They all know and understand psoriasis and skin conditions. Our Director Ian Real has been working with psoriasis sufferers for 25 years and has written many articles on the condition and has lecturered on the subject of psoriasis world wide. Experience counts .. Over 20 Years of experience counts ..
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This is where we all live . In clean green New Zealand.Our company is situated in the country area of Masterton in the north island

New Product Headline


$ NZ 9.50. - 300g pottle

Pure South Pacific Seas Rock Salt
Formulated to relieve itch and irritations associated with psoriasis and eczema. soothes and settles down inflamation.

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