Product Composition
LiceAway contains all natural ingredients including oils of lavender, oil of benzoin, pennyroyal, peppermint, tea tree, natural pyrethrum, delimonine, and cajeput. The base oils in liceAway are a mix of apricot kernel, almond, evening primrose, and vitamin e oils.
LiceAway Concentrate 100ml
Use LiceAway concentrate to eliminate lice eggs. Place 15 drops in a normal shampoo, wash, rinse and then massage a further 20 drops into the scalp to eliminate all lice and eggs. best results will be obtained if combed through after application. Apply to slightly damp hair. Excellent for sensitive scalp and small children. LiceAway should be used daily for 9 days to cover the lice egg cycle.

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liceaway headlice treatment systems 
Pure Essence has formulated LiceAway as an effective treatment against headlice. LiceAway works on destroying the nervous system of the lice.
Liceaway is formulated to treat, eliminate and protect against headlice. (psdiculus humanus). LiceAway treatment is an effective treatment to kill all lice and to remove lice eggs. it is natural, biodegradable, non toxic and chemical free. LiceAway is specifically formulated with children in mind and is pleasant smelling and easy to apply. The product does not harm hair or scalp and is safe to use on small children.
LiceAway Spray 100ml
LiceAway spray is formulated as a maintinance program. Spray on scalp and hair, comb through to control and protect against all headlice. LiceAway spray will kill lice and will enclose lice eggs and remove easily. Excellent for lice management.
Cost  NZ $ 32.90 per pack
Pack consists of 1 x spray and 1 x concentrate.