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pinpoint subjective editorial

welcome to our new feature section . This is the first of our new editorial viewpoint in brief , a snippet inciteful look at some of the little facts and misunderstandings that we uncover each month. Some are sent to us from concerned readers and some we discover during our ongoing investigation into everyday issues that we encounter along the way to putting together the bigger picture feature articles.
If you have an issue you think would be fitting to mention,  let us know and we will check it out ..

colloidal silver

Ever wondered about this stuff? Well we are not going to pull any punches. Put simply it is not much good for anything. Our investigations suggest that there has never been any scientific proof or in fact any qualified clinical trials that would offer any reason which would support Colloidal Silver as being beneficial in assisting or indeed healing any condition or ailment at all.
The FDA for example put out a bulletin supporting just that. It could find after exhausting evaluation of so called magical claims that there was no single reason to offer any supporting evidence that it was beneficial for anything.
The other main problem is no control of manufacture or any quality control in manufacture. We found large discrepencies in quality, claimed silver content, and could find no conclusive test to suggest or determine that there was any silver content in this stuff at all. It is really just water in our opinion.
We also found that many dodgey operators were using very suspect so called Colloidal Silver generators to "charge" their water content. Dubious to say the least.
We say .Give this a wide berth and steer clear of Colloidal Silver despite the so called claims by experts..

Milk .. what you need to know  ..

Cows milk is for calves ..
Milk today is simply not what you may think .. Milk .. It is totally manufactured and stripped of much of what we think is milk during the manufacturing and bottling process . Milk is simply stripped of most of it's basic goodness and has been "tampered with" it is pasturised and homogenised and generally had things added to it that would make your hair stand on end. If you visit a milk factory and follow the process of just what happens to a tanker of milk once it hits the factory you would be taken aback .
It is sluced with all sorts of chemicals to strip so called bacteria. gicven a dose of preservatives, had butter fat content altered, subjected to a process of steaming and cooling, had water added and had flavours and colourings added ..  Some passes through a pasturising process and some is homogenised .. In real terms there is little relationship to the end product with what actually comes out of the Cow ..
Be warned .. Have a look at just what your bottle or carton of milk actually contains ..? and you may well be feeling cheated .. It may give you a lot more food for thought .. and It may well be a lot of no good for you than all the good claimed .
tests are now suggesting that the additives and chemicals used in processing are the real factors now in so called milk allergies not the milk ..
Think about it .. Watch for our REAL take on milk in an upcomming issue..

Soaps .. the pure facts. 
many of todays commercial soaps are not Ph balanced . Neutralising and balancing your soap is an important factor in just how effective a soap works on your skin. Balancing the acid and alkaline content in any soap reduces the harshness and negates the effects of caustic soda and carbolic acid in soaps and allows the tallow or fatty content to disolve on the surface of the skin instead of solidifying and actually blocking and clogging the pores and preventing them from cleansing and expelling toxic waste.   Watch for our upcoming issue on soaps, an indepth evaluation ..

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