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tea tree oil .. what you need to know

Tea Tree Oil is a precious essential oil distilled from the foliage of Malaleuca alternifolia, an Australian native teatree growing in confined areas mainly in the northern New South Wales and Queensland regions.
The therapeutical properties of tretree oil were first documented back in the 1920's. teatree oil was widely used up to the introduction of antibiotics and synthetic antiseptics in the 1940's.During the 1960's teatree oil was re-established as a natural medicinal product of merit, effective in the treatment of skin disorders.
There is much to understand about teatree oil which we will try and clarify here in an attempt to answer many of our readers questions. Much of the misunderstandings and uncertanties have simply have not been clarified by slipshoddy marketing and dubious labeling of the product.
One thing is sure though about this wonder from downunder . ..It has been clinically trialed and tested and is proven in it's claims to be rightly called "Nature's Antiseptic"

Types of  Tea Tree Oil

Teatree oil is usually produced, manufactured and marketed in the following forms.
(1) 100% pure teatree oil . Which is as indicated, 100% pure unadulterated teatree oil
(2)  Water soluable teatree oil . This is a percentage mix of teatree oil, added to a base or carrier of alcohol or an ethyl alcohol solution. This form is able to mix or disperse in water. It will be labled as 25% w/s or w/v (water soluable or whole volume) The mix may be 15% or 50% depending on the manufacturer. In simple terms the figure means that 25% or 50% of the bottle quantity is actually teatree oil, the balance a solution.
(3) Tea tree oil mix. This is usually a mix of tea tree oil and a form of carrier oil such as almond or wheatgerm . This is not water soluable.In other words it will not mix with water. The ratios of content will be similar to those outlined in the water soluable indicator above.
(4) Tea Tree fragrant oil . This is simply a fragrent oil base usually of a solution carrier with a synthetic or pure teatree fragrence added . This oil is of no therapeutic or medicinal value and is usually labled as a fragrant oil..

The Tea Tree ..


Quality and Properties

The quality of any teatree oil is determined simply by two variables .
(1) The cineole content
(2) The terpenol-4-ol content
The balance of these two properties will determine just how effective the oil is and will determine the toxic levels of the oil.
High cineole content will result in a harsher and more abrasive product .. A low terpenole content will result in a more toxic oil.
Quality therapeutic teetree oil should be balanced at around 3 0r 4 cineole and 19 or 12 terpenole- 2-ol . anything outside this criteria should not be used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes. Teatree oils outside these limitations should be used on cleaning, laundry and non therapeutic uses.

Main Teatree Oil  uses
minor burns
cuts and abraisons
insect bites
tinia and sore feet
fungal infections

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