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each month we will be including an interview or profile with a prominent person relative to the e zines content for that month.

An Interview with Ian Real, a specialist in psoriasis and chronic skin conditions. Ian has over 20 years experience in this field and has lectured on psoriasis in many countries. He has also written many articles on the subject. Ian also has his own manufacturing and distribution company involved in natural skin conditon products.

Question: What got you involved with Psoriasis?

Rod.. As a youngster I was diagnosed as a psoriasis sufferer and after trying all the potions that i was prescribed I found none had any effect, so I decided to research this condition and combat the problem myself.

Q: What were your findings and what did you learn?

Ian: I read everything I could about psoriasis and talked to others who suffered from the condition and came to the conclusion that I would try and make up some ointments using a number of different options and put them to the test on the basis really of trial and error. I tested different things on my psoriasis and monitored the reactions and the effects, refined them, read and studied more and altered the formulations etc until I felt I was getting somewhere.

Question: Did these results encourage you in further developement?

Ian: I gradually perfected various products and other psoriasis sufferers began to seek me out and bought product off me with excellent results.I decided then that i would manufacture products and also began writing articles and lecturing groups on psoriasis.

Question: You are now recognised world wide as an authority on psoriasis and your products are selling well in many countries. Where to from here?

Ian: Well we are developing more and more natural products such as eczema and dermatitis products, and products for headlice, and a range of ointments such as Tea Tree, Calendula, Thuga, chickweed and so on. We have successfully marketed our Lamina Petcare products, and shortly have a deet free insect repellent ready for marketing.

Question: I noticed that your motto is " Solutions From Nature" What is the significance of this?

Ian: That's the essence of our business, developing and finding solutions to these skin problems from within nature.

Ed: Simple in its self . Thanks Ian, Good luck ...


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Editors Note

I have managed to secure the services of Ian to write for us on psoriasis  and supply us with much of the latest updates and various new treatment options. We will be featuring special news updates throughout the months and will also be offering an online forum on psoriasis which will begin sometime late march. We intend to invite reader participation. As times become available we will advise readers of the various topics and would also appreciate any feedback as to the topics which you would find most interesting. Please feel free to contact me reguarding your ideas and suggestions. All input is welcome.

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