Naturally Pure Psoriasis Treatment Ointment and Oil

NPP101 Psoriasis Ointment 100g

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Naturally Pure Psoriasis ointment is formulated to soften and clear psoriasis scale and to keep the psoriasis condition moist. This ointment is a natural formulation and is easy to apply.It is safe to use on the most sensitive skin.The ointment is best used in conjunction with our psoriasis oil for quickest results.


Pure and Natural

Non Toxic

Easy to use

chemical free

100 g pottle

COST $NZ 18.95

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deet free .

Personal Insect Repellent

NPP100  Psoriasis Oil 100ml


Naurally Pure Psoriasis Oil is formulated to use inconjunction with our Ointment. The oil will clear up the final psoriasis scale and strengthen the skin tissue.It will add elasricity to the affected skin areas and is totaly natural and non toxic. It will also act as a skin moisturiser.



Non Toxic

Chemical Free

100ml  Bottle


COST  NZ $21.95


The most economical way of treatent is to purchase our psoriasis treatment pack which consists of 1 x 100ml oil and 1 x 100g ointment. NPP106 cost  US NZ 38.00 per pack. This option will appear on our ordering page for you.

NPH100 Hair and Scalp Tonic 100 ml

Naturally Pure  hair and Scalp Tonic has been formulated to treat and relieve itchy scal, dandruff and psoriasis. it is also an excellent tonic for revitalizing tired and listless hair follicles and stimulating scalp tissue. It enhances the growth of week skin cell developement. Naturally Pure is an oil based product that will soften psoriasis scale, moisturise the scalp to treat dandruff, and it relieves itchiness and dry scalp conditions.




Non Toxic

Easy Application

100ml Bottle

Chemical Free



Cost NZ $21.95