NPC100 Calendula Ointment
Naturally Pure Calendula Ointment is a superb herbal ointment produced from the beautiful orange calndula flower (marigold) infused in flaxseed oil contains omega 3 . The base of this ointment is carnuaba wax which is derived from the coconut husk.
The mixture produces an excellent herbal first aid. Naturally Pure Calendula ointment is an excellent germacidal ointment which may be used on cuts, grazes, abrasions, nappy rash, cracked nipples and cracked heels  and feet.
It is especially useful in treating chronically work damaged hands that have been over exposed to water, extreme temperatures or chemicals. It is also an excellent treatment for chaffing.
Calendula is one of the least toxic of all herbs and one of the safest. Pure essence have use this herb to produce a very soothing , safe and non irritant ointment that is easy to apply, is non greasy and will not stain clothing.
Non Toxic
Chemical Free
100 g Pottle
Cost  NZ $14.95

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Natural Skincare Products
NPE100  Eczema  Ointment
Naturally Pure Eczema Ointment is a suitable treatment for the following types of Eczema and Dermatitis
Atopic Eczema
Atopic Dermatitis
Hand  Dermatitis
Sebarrhoaic Dermatitis
Pusticular Eczema
Naturally Pure is especially suitable for the prevention and treatment of Impetigo. Impetigo is the secondary infection associated with bacteria (straphyloccalus Aurqus) The ointment will prevent the infection and crusting and formation of pustules. it will also reduce inflamation and stop the itchines associated with eczema and dermatitis.
Naturally Pure is a topical preparation manufactured in new Zealand and is a natural, chemical fre product. it is formulated to exacting therapeutic standards and has soothing, healing and antibiotic properties.
Naturally Pure is a carnuaba waxed based product and contains essential skin oils Vitamin E and Evening Primrose oil. the evening primrose oil is significant as it contains the fatty acid Gamma Linolenic which may reduce redness and itchiness. Other active ingredients used for their varying healing properties are tea tree, Pepperment and lavender oils as well as Aloe Vera Gel.
Skin Sensitive
100g Pottle
Cost  NZ $ 14.95