Naturally Pure Psoriasis Treatment

Naturally Pure Psoriasis oil and onitment is designed to penetrate the affected skin areas quickly, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed into the damaged skin cells. The healing and treatment process begins immediately.

Naturally Pure Psoriasis treatment is formulated to treat psoriasis in three seperate and specific actions..

(1) Relieve and clear the symptoms of psoriasis. It softens the crusty psoriasis scale, moisturises and cools the affected skin condition and treats effectively all the itching and irritations applicable to psoriatic conditions.

(2) Strengthens and feeds the skin cell membranes, slowing the process of new skin cell regrowth and allows a stronger and natural progression of skin and tissue healing.

(3) Prevents infection occurring and advances the rapid healing of scar tissue. The active ingredients are balanced to prevent any secondary bacterial and fungal infection which may occur as a result of scratching.

Product Ingredients

The base oils in Naturally Pure Psoriasis Treatments have been selected for their individual properties and are balanced in proportion to enhance and promote each oils properties together.Pure cold pressed base oils are used including Almond Oil (moisturising,stabalising,and penetrating qualities) Flax Seed Oil (contains Omega 3) Evening Primrose Oil (skin feeder,Emolient,prevents premature skin ageing) Vitamin E Oil (contains elastin,prevents scar tissue,strengthens skin,promotes tissue healing and skin elasticity).

The actives are all pure therapeutic quality essential oils of Tea Tree,Peppermint,and Lavender. All selected for their specific healing and antibiotic qualities. Peppermint is a powerfull antiseptic and together with the antibiotic qualities of Tea Tree and lavender oils compliment each other. Other oils such as Benzoin are used as natural stabilizers,soluablisers and emulsifiers.

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A total natural package formulated to attack Psoriasis and Psoriatic conditions, proving an effective quality natural treatment.