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Treating Psoriasis with a commonsense, realistic approach ..

Lets look at these key elements when treating psoriasis as part of a holistic approach to keeping this condition under managed control.

Keep psoriasis moist .

It is important not to let psoriasis dry out. Use a natural oil to keep psoriasis scale moist. use a natural moisturising oil product with antiseptic, healing and skin feeding actives.


Psoriasis sufferers should be careful with water and bathing. Most town water supply systems contain chlorine which will irritate and dry out the skin. Chlorine strips the natural oils from the skin. remember also that bacteria will only multiply and grow in water, which can easily transfer and infect Psoriasis condition.


This article is an excerpt from the lecture study notes written by Ian Real .

..Ed Rod..

Tea Tree Oil ..
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Essential Oils .
the true facts uncovered ..
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Full indepth investigation on essential oils ..
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Skin Types

It is important to determine skin types. We all have very different skin types. Some have sensitive skin, many have dry skin and many have skin of varying oily degree. Use selected oil mixes when treating Psoriasis that match your skin condition. Active ingredients must be matched to skin sensitivity.

Avoid Infection

If redness appears around the edges of Psoriasis scale usually it is the first sign of some form of bacterial infection. It is worth noting that Psoriasis sufferers also need to be aware of dustmite. House dustmite feed solely on dead skin and scale. Dustmites are considered the allergenic trigger for most asthma attacks. Extra care should be observed.


Psoriasis sufferers should only wear 100% cotton clothing next to the skin. Clothing of synthetic fibres such as nylon, rayon, dacron, irritate skin and will assist the flare up of Psoriasis.


Psoriasis sufferers should avoid contact with commercial soaps. Most contain carbolic acid , caustic soda and tallow. All of which dry out and irritate Psoriasis. Use only a a pure vegetable or coconut oil soap which contains only natural cleansing additives. Washing powders also fall into this category.


When treating Psoriasis use only oils or products which are natural and able to keep Psoriasis scale moist. Creams, gels and ointments should contain only chemical free actives and ingredients. All products should be produced in a chemical free base. Avoid petrochemical based products such as petroleum gel or parrafin wax or liquid parrafin products.(Parrafin liquid or wax bases are petrochemical)

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