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Welcome to health investigate

Hi .. Welcome to the thirtyfirst edition of our online psoriasis e zine. we will be featuring articles , news reviews , information and readers feedback forums in this e.zine , and we welcome your suggestions and input. If you have any requests or any features that you would like us to include please feel free to let us know. We will publish your comments , your articles and your contributions so gets have your ideas please..We will be including articles of interest on all skin conditions and related topics and will from time doing product tests , product evaluations and various company research up dates and profiles.. We have also introduced a new readers forum so readers can communicate .

Hope to hear from you .. Ed .. Rod Marshall..

To create this e-zine, I just sat down and thought to myself: what do I like to read? The content comes from a variety of sources: some I've written myself, some has been written by friends, and some has been contributed by other Internet users just like you.

I hope you enjoy this e-zine. Be sure to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the screen or send e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!

Table of Contents july  2008

Exploring Essential oils ..
what you need to know . in this issue .




July 2008 edition




Editors Note

Manuka Honey .. Warning . Check the validity of the actual manuka content. Some Brands could actually be a blend of manuka and other types .. Update info in next issue.

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